2005 Meet

Special Needs Gymnastics 2005

Fundraisers for June/ July 2005

For our July 9th 2005 car wash we had it at Barbara’s Texaco in Hurst, Texas.  I want to thank the following people for helping out for this car wash:  Houstin Gardiner, Nic Gardiner, Maure Gardiner, Denise Anderson-Wright, Jim Wright, Randi Jo Gardiner, Andi Nicole, Dana Stanfield.

I want to thank the following people for helping out for our June 2005 car wash: Keithlynn Silvas, Kylee Silvas, Maure Gardiner, Nic Gardiner, Bill Gardiner, Randi Jo Gardiner, and Houstin Gardiner.

Special Olympics of Texas had the State Meet in San Marcus May 2005

Special Needs Gymnastics had Houstin Gardiner advanced to the State meet & did really well, he received 7 Gold Medals.  Houstin has been in Gymnastics since January 2005 & has taken to it like fish to water.  Houstin is now moving up to Level 2. Way to go!

Special Olympics of Texas had an Area Meet in April 2005

Special Needs Gymnastics had many athletes at the area meet.  We want to thank the following Athletes for representing us & themselves at the meet:  Miranda Guzman, Houstin Gardiner, Rory Connor, Nicholas Street, Tommy, Jessica Pollari, and Walker Adams. Congratulations to all.

In March we had 2 Local Meets for Special Olympics.

One was held at Sokol Gym in Saginaw, Texas.  The following athletes were at this meet: Miranda Guzman, Samantha Ewing, Madison Poncik, Houstin Gardiner, Nicholas Street, Rory Connor, Walker Adams, Ethan Lindamood, Bailey Schwier, Nayab Tesfa, Yadeil Tesfa. Congratulations to you.

The other meet was at Excite in Highland Village, Texas.  All our athletes had fun & brought home friendship from the other athletes that were there. The athletes were Madison Poncik, Jessica Pollari Miranda Guzman, Morgan Hendrix, Steel Davis, Tommy Ward, Houstin Gardiner, Rory Connor, Ethan Lindamood.  Congratulations to all.

January to the beginning of March we worked on our routines for all the upcoming meets that all the athletes did.