The Coach

Denise Anderson, a Special Needs Gymnastics coach, was born in Lubbock, Texas.  She has 20 + years experience in special needs, lifeskills, preschool, beginners, team, cheerleading, and tumbling.  Denise started gymnastics at the age of four and, being very successful, moved on to track and field at the age of twelve.  At fourteen, Denise trained for the 1988 Olympics in Soul, Korea

Denise Anderson is licensed and certified by the highest certification in the country for preschool gymnastics from USA Gymnastics, Kinder Accredited Teachers, safety certified, CPR and First Aid certified from the Special Olympics of the state of Texas. She continues her education by going to seminars, training courses and therapy all over the world.

Denise Anderson is offering Special Needs Gymnastics in the AUSTIN, DALLAS / FT. WORTH, HOUSTON areas. She works with each student on an individual basis with a program to allow each athlete to achieve success at their own level.